DP-24 new(er)bie: Virtual tracks ? Pitch control?


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Jul 3, 2014
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Hello all:

Transitioned from a Fostex VF-160ex just recently. After much internal debate, a "flawed" eBay transaction (for a really nice 2488!) and much research, made the jump to the DP-24! So far (60+ days), happy I did, but now, as I anticipated, I've run into the "something gets lost in translation" or "geez, this manual is @#%!*#!" issue. My experience tells me that this isn't unusual, as I encountered the same issues with the VF-160ex manual/support. If anyone can assist me in any way, it'll be sincerely & genuinely appreciated, as your assistance may very well prevent me from "lugging" the VF-160 out of retirement!

1- Virtual Tracks: Okay, I've read the manual (both my hard copy and the "latest" edition @ Tascam) and purchased/watched/reviewed the DP-24 DVD with David Wills. My question is: what does one do after "pressing the 'LOAD' key on the virtual tracks screen? When I follow the manual, nothing changes, the screen remains the "V-Track" screen, and I can't seem to enable recording. What am I doing wrong? Agh...

2- Pitch control: Another area where I can't seem to find any information. It seems that while I was researching the DP-24, I read that the unit had the ability to control pitch. As I recall, it was possible to change pitch on record as well as playback. Well, if it does have that ability, on either record or playback, I'd certainly like to be able to use it! Any one here "up" on this one?

As I proceed on my -24 journey, I'm sure to have more questions, and hopefully can contribute some answers! So far, I've managed to record 3 ready for mix-down/master songs, purely using the -24, each of varying numbers of tracks, complexity, etc.

As I said above, I'm happy I have it! I'd be much happier if I could figure out these 2 things!
Many thanks to any and all!

If I understand your first question, after you load the virtual track you need to press the virtual track button again or press the Home button. That will get you out of the v- track screen.

As for your second question, i don't believe that there is a pitch control. At least I have not run across one.

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Hi Marty335,
Suppose you have recorded 3 virtual tracks on track 2 just select the virtual track you want and load that will be the current version on track 2. There is no pitch control on the DP24 I think what most folk are doing is exporting to a DAW and using the add on of their choice for me that's melodyne. For a bit more information about what you can do with virtual tracks please see the long winded explanation I have posted before if it helps if not kindly ignore.

I have been playing around with this, you can not see the virtual tracks within the song when the DP24 is connected to the computer but you can export the track to audio depot with a bit of jiggery pockery. Suppose you have 6 virtual tracks with guitar playing the same stuff but through different amps and pedals etc and the 6 victuals are on track 3 what you do is select virtual track 1 load it go to audio depot export track 3 go back home select track 3 load virtual track 2 then again go to menu audio depot export track 3 then keep repeating this until you have all 6 victuals on audio depot. Now go to menu select USB connect up to PC open Tascam 24/audio depot and you will see 6 versions of track 3 the first one ends with 00 next 01 the 02 and so on copy and paste to your HD that you store your DAW wave files on and edit. If you want to master on the DP24 you will have to paste them back into the audio depot and import to them to different tracks.
It is a bit long winded but it does work

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