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May 5, 2014
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I apologize if this has been posted previously but I'm having issues with my DP-24 having intermittent pops and clicks on certain tracks. Sometime they occur and sometimes they do not but they seem more consistent when I'm mixing down. You can see the meter go into the red when they occur but otherwise the level is right where you'd want if to be. Any suggestions? Thank you!
I do not have a DP-24, but I have read that clicks and pops can happen if you are not using a good quality card. Also, make sure you have the latest OS installed.
Hi I would export your tracks to audio depot then to your computer so you do not loose any work and check to see there is no popping and clicking if you play back in a DAW program. Then do the full format of the SD in the DP24 (do not use quick format) also make sure you are using a class 10 card. Once this is done import the tracks back on to the DP24 if this is still popping and clicking I would be tempted to buy an other card from the tested list on Tascams site although I can vouch for the class 10 Transend SCHC card I use.
I also have major popping and skipping but mine occurs when mixing. I have a 32gb class 10 SD and I just updated to the latest firmware. The popping and skipping is there when I listen back on my computer. I cannot more than 30 seconds into the song before I hear the pops and skips, so frustrated... I'm going to try and to the full format, if that does not work I will have to get the 16gb Transend SCHC...
I have the same problem, I've been able to keep it to a minimum as long as I deleted the unused virtual tracks from my songs. But now that I started a new song and the popping/clicking is just all over the place during playback/mixing. It's making any sort of work impossible.

I have the latest firmware (1.03) installed and I'm using a Sandisk Extreme SDHC 16 GB (nr 2 on the tested media list).
I'm willing to give another SD card a try, although I shouldn't have to seeing as how my card is on the list. I'm kinda frustrated with this, my band is recording our first album on the DP32 and we're on a schedule, so this is a major inconvenience.

Were you able to fix your problems Guitarman?
My experience with pop/spike noise occurs during mixdown, it is a random spike/pop and doesn't appear in the same place in the mixdown. I have reduce the spike/pop by reducing Master monitor volume settings of EFT1-reverb and Eff2-compression; those volumes were distorting in the red zone. After turning down the the "hot" EFTs; I only heard one spike/pop since.
Its back those spikes; even though I have done all the steps described above; I have read on the Internet that this is a problem. This is the 3rd time the spikes have occurred. I have reformated my 32GB SD Extreme Speed disc and have done previous mastering/recording without the problem of spikes. Has anybody found a reason and a solution?
it's back with mine as well
well, it never really left, I thought I had it under control when I turned down the master reverb level, but that just seemed to be wishfull thinking..
it's now so bad that I can't even copy/insert a piece of a track or even re-record something using auto-punch, when listening back to the recording the pops are just all over the place.

isn't it about time that tascam adresses this issue? I see they discontinued the DP-24 and DP-32 in favor of the DP-32SD, even though those models are in need of some much needed firmware updates.
I spoke with Tascam tech support on this matter; he indicated this is a rare occurrence on the DP's based on large number of DP users who have called in regarding the spiking; he describes the spiking as digital spikes (not in the recording phase) occurring in the SD card and not related to the DP's; he noted that digital spiking potential exists with the nature of SD cards to have this potential imperfection; his solution is to re-initilize the DP, if that fails use another SD card; I have been using for 6 months SD HC Extreme 32GB Micro-Center card; this spiking problem has occurred during this last week with a new recording. He suggested that if spiking issue continues with a new card and with the re-initilization step, then the DP should be examined by Tascam tech. I am aware of the Tascam recommended card list. Is anyone using a card of 32GB capacity that has not had a spiking problem? Please list those cards. thanks
Below are the specs of my MicroCenter SDHC Extreme Speed 32GB card; it cost $12 at MicroCenter perhaps this low price means suffering "digital spikes?" MC SDHC Read: up to 22MBs, Write: Speed up to 15MBs. Now compare those specs with Extreme Pro (Class10/UHS- I)-SDSDXPA-032G Up to 95MB/s** read speed; up to 90MB/s** write speed-this card at Best Buy cost $70. So is the problem with digital spike based on cheap cards?
I followed up with the Tascam tech guy; he confirmed the suspicion of the cheap $12 card vs the Tascam recommended card; I bought 2 Extreme Pro 32GB Class 10/ High Speed 3 card for $70 at BHPhoto. Hopefully this will end the digital spike nightmare.
I also have spikes (pops) when recording at 24bit/44.1khz. For me the spikes happen within locate points of a song when overdubbing. A previously recorded track will peg into the red when overdubbing and pop. However, when I record or playback the song from beginning to end there are no pops, so my final product is pop free. I tried to re-initialize and it was no help. This has happened on the SD card shipped with the unit and another card on the approved tested media list. This issue is more of an irritant than critical but it should be an issue addressed by TASCAM. I will try another card and hope for the best. If the card works I will share what it is.

Dennis FMRJE, please keep us posted on your results also.
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I bought 2 Extreme Pro 32GB Class 10/ High Speed 3 and transfer the previous song that had the spike problem and unfortunately the digital spikes did occur. I was told by Tascam tech that the spikes are not recorded but in this case they did re-appear on the new card. Only way I can separating this spike problem is to record a new song using the Extreme Pro 32GB Class 10/ High Speed 3 card and see if the spikes appear. Other than that I am mad as hell and have to follow up with Tascam for an explanation and resolution. These spike can damage my monitor speakers never my patience.
Thanks for the feedback Dennis. I also contacted TASCAM, talked to Robbie, and mentioned this was an issue not just on my recorder but it was mentioned in forums quite a bit. He came across as jerk, laughed as I mentioned others had this issue, and didn’t believe this was a problem (it was the first he ever heard of it). I mentioned that I have tried two cards on their approved media list and both have this issue and he told me to try another SD card. This is not an SD card issue, it is a fault with the DP24 and DP32 that could probably be fixed with a firmware update, but employees like Robbie believe it is user error, and it seems TASCAM does not want to put out more firmware updates or address this issue. His solution was - if a third card on their approved media list did not work - send it in so they could check it out. I also sent TASCAM an email about this issue and have received no response. It appears their customer service sucks! My DP24 is no longer under warranty and I don’t want the hassle and expense of sending in the unit, when it could be easily tested and fixed by TASCAM.

Dennis - are you recording at 16bit/44.1 khz or 24bit/44.1 khz, or something else? As I said, my issues happen at locate points within the song and the spikes/pops are not recorded, that is, if I playback or record the song from beginning to end there are no pops. Do you get spikes if you do this? I did notice if I use the repeat function, through the spike locations, the pops are still there but not as loud. Very weird.

Keep us posted on your results and best of luck!
This is not an SD card issue, it is a fault with the DP24 and DP32 that could probably be fixed with a firmware update, b
Not saying your problem isn't real but it's quite a leap to say your issue is inherent in all DP24 & DP32's! A half dozen complaints on a forum all having the same issue is not representative of the quality of any product when thousands of problem free customers exist. The problem your experiencing is real I am sure and the most logical explanations are that there is something defective with your specific unit or user error. If you want it fixed then you need to send it to Tascam HQ or bring it to a local service center for evaluation and repair. A firmware is not going to fix your problem.
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I followed with the Tascam tech support noting that I am using a new card: Extreme Pro 32GB Class 10/ High Speed 3 card and I copied my previous recording on to the new card and unfortunately digital spikes re-occured. My next step is do a new recording to see if the spikes occur; if the spikes occur on the new recording then he advise shipping my DP24 to Tascam for them to research. Moreover, the Tascam tech indicates only a few DP24/32 are reporting the spike issues. Hopefully my new recording has no spikes; I'll let you know.
Roundhill, Your question to me in your previous post regarding my recording setting "16bit/44.1 khz or 24bit/44.1 khz," was the catalyst to my discovery regarding "spikes" as described in the previous post which I been dealing with for the past 5 weeks and an intermittently a few times in my 6/7 months owner of two 24DPs. From my experimentation I have found the "spikes" do not occur when recording at 16bit/44.1 khz, but the spikes do reappear at 24bit/44.1 khz ! I am using SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB Class 10/ High Speed 3. A couple of days ago the Tascam tech said if the spikes remain then the only thing to do is send it to Tascam; I did not want to ship 2 24DP's. I 'll survive at 16bit, I guess I could record at 48hz at 16bit, but I am happy to have the solution. I do recall from previous tech articles the issue with software/hardware unable to handle octets of bytes. Whatever causes the spike problem its just too bad I couldn't use 24bit quality setting but everything does comes back to the 16bit standard.
I followed up with Tascam tech and reported my findings regarding 16 bit recording so far eliminating the "spiking dilemma"; Robbie answer the call and he indicated this spiking is a non-issue with the DP's because they have not receive many complaints. However he says he will note to the developers my work around of using 16bit rather than 24 bit recording setting. However Robbie continue to recommend trying other cards and I noted to him the card changes I have employed on my two DP 24's. I speculate that this isn't a card problem. I call out to fellow forum members to recommend a card that had no spiking problem, especially if they previous had a spiking problem that was resolved with using a different card. I am currently using the SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB Class 10/ High Speed 3. But I am hopeful that I can maintain spike free at 16 bit.
Just closing out this spike dilemma story with something positive. On the DP24 I mixed down 15 tracks of 24 bit live concert WAV files with 7 in studio tracks, mastered and burned the CD master for my newly release CD: Quest; fortunately the spiking issue only happened once/twice during the process. I very pleased with the DP24 mastering capabilities. From doing the recording I really learn how to use the DP24. By CD Quest is here:
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"I followed up with Tascam tech and reported my findings regarding 16 bit recording so far eliminating the "spiking dilemma"; Robbie answer the call and he indicated this spiking is a non-issue with the DP's because they have not receive many complaints."

Thanks for your update Dennis. I am confident that this is a 24 bit recording issue. Those who record at 16 bit (probably the majority of users) do not have this issue. I also talked with TASCAM tech Robbie, so they have received at least two complaints about the same issue in the last month. I have sent in my DP-24 for repair. I will let you know if they can fix this isuue.

Also, your band is very intense and your mix sounds really good.

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