DP-32 and DAW


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Oct 18, 2013
Dear all,
I am not really an expert, I wonder is it possible to transfer files to a daw like Ableton, and over a few weeks you do it again for the same song and then match them all together without problems?
I am not an Ableton user but I assume you should be able to. I record tracks on my 2488 and move them to Sonor or Music Creator 6 and if I record additional tracks for that song I just import the new track from the 2488 and bring it in and add it to the other tracks. Unless you do something to change the timing of the original tracks on either the recorder of the software you are using, everything should line up. The only thing that you may need to aware of are recordings that are punched in and don't start at 00:00 like the original tracks. For instance if you start recording a guitar solo in the middle of the song without starting at the begining of the song, your computer may not sync to the correct place in the song. It may see the place you started recording on that track as 00:00 and not line it up properly. If you find that happens you should just record a blank track ist, then record the instrument somwhere within that track. Now all your tracks will all start at the same time. You can always mute or program silence before and after the inserted recording on that track.

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