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Dec 5, 2014
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I just recently got a DP 32SD. I hope someone here is familiar with the import/export functions. I know the menu function "Song" is for creating a new song but when I import existing wav tracks it has me put them in "Audio Depot". So how do I get those tracks to show up in "Song" so I can I can use them as if they were recorded on the unit?
The manual really doesn't give a clear cut difference between the practical uses of Song" and "Audio Depot".
Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an in depth answer. I think I'm going to grab that DVD from Amazon.
It is helpful. I've been using my DP32 a lot since November and I really like it but I could think of a few improvements. But most of them would probably make it more expensive. At first I thought the import/export functions were kind of clunky but I have gotten used to it and use it a lot. I often record on the DP then export to Sound Forge for normalize/reverb/compression kind of stuff and then back to the DP for the final mix. There's a lot of things I just like doing better on the computer screen instead of the DP's little screen. It's a pretty good device though, I'm glad I bought it. Like many things it just takes a little while to know your way around it.
Everyone may know this already, but, just in case: the main issue when importing tracks from the Audio Depot folder to a song on the DP-32 (or DP-24) is that the bit rate/resolution of the imported tracks must match the song's bit rate/resolution.
I like to record at the highest setting: 24/4800. If you try importing a track that is different from the song, you will get an error displayed.
The good news is if you do have a track that is different, most DAW's will allow you to import that track and then you can export it again at the proper bit rate/resolution and then you pull it into the Audio Depot folder again, etc. It will then work.
Converting a 16/44.1 file to 24/4800 (for instance) shouldn't change the sound in any noticeable way (unless you're like an engineer friend of mine who seems to be able to hear the slightest change).

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