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Apr 13, 2024
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Hello, I am brand new here. I recently acquired a DR100mk3 that powers on, but won't get past the "TASCAM--DR-100mkiii" splash screen. The unit is practically pristine cosmetically, so does not appear to have been mishandled or damaged physically. Per the troubleshooting section of the manual I have made sure the HOLD switch is set to "off" before starting it up. To power the unit off once it is stuck at the splash screen, I have to hold the STOP button + Power button for 10 seconds, then the screen goes blank, and when I release the buttons it powers off (this was also in the manual).

I have been unable to find a Service Manual. Anyone know of a source for the mk3 service manual?

I am hoping to find a button combination that will trigger a factory reset, or that will bring up a diagnostic menu (I know earlier models had this feature). Or, I'd like to find instructions to initiate a re-flashing of the firmware when the menus are not accessible.

If anyone has insight into these details, or can recommend other resources where I might find answers, I would be grateful.

Well, I've been googling for days. I've tried multiple variations of these google searches:
"dr-100mk3 won't boot"
"dr-100 mods and upgrades"
"field recorder repair"
"dr-100mk3 factory reset"
I've tried searches using "mkiii" as well.
I've searched here on tascamforums.com
I've searched through tascam groups on Facebook
I've searched the support area of the TASCAM corporate web site
I've searched at tapersection.com
I've poked around on Reddit
I've read a few review-type articles at places like transom.org

I did find a service manual for the original dr-100, which showed me that the original has a Test or Diags menu that can be opened with a button sequence, but the mk3 hardware is substantially different. So far, the old service manual has not yielded anything I could use on the mk3.

I also found a download that was labeled as a service manual for the mk3, but it only contained the User Manual, Reference Manual, a block diagram of the connections between the electronic components, and a BOM/parts list. No service manual.

One other thing I found was a page that was entirely in chinese (which I don't read), but it had an excellent set of photos of a tear-down of the mk3. This was informative, but doesn't help with my current dilema.

I promise, I am still searching...

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