DR-40 Playback is fast


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Sep 29, 2014
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Tascam DR-40
Just picked up a DR-40 to record my live performances (solo acoustic guitar act) and, upon listening to the recordings, I found that it sounds faster than normal. It is very noticeable. I have a feeling this has to do with the VSA, although mine is set to x1.0, so it should be playing at normal speed. I have lowered the speed to compensate, and it just sounds warbled and horrible. I've read the forums and can find no posts about this problem. Any suggestions? Can I disable the VSA? Thanks.
I don't know the DR-40, but this sounds like a possible sample rate mismatch, where you recorded in 44.1 kHz and played back as if 48 kHz. But that would not only increase the speed but also change the pitch of the recording..
Thanks Arjan. There is no choice of kHz. in playback mode. It was recorded at
BWF (Broadcast Wav File) 24bit and 48kHz. Maybe I'll try raising or lowering the kHz on the next recording and see if that helps. Or play around with a combo of KHz and the BITs
No, I was suggesting something is wrong in that a 44.1 recording would be played back as 48 because of a problem in the device (firmware?). So, is the pitch also different or only playback speed?
Oh. I see. I'm a little new at this. Well I hope it's not a firmware issue, because I have the latest firmware on it

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