DR-40X connected Pioneer DJM-900nxs2 mixer sound issues.....


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Jun 22, 2024
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After awhile of trail and error i figured out how to record mixes on this. The only issue im having is that the music sounds bright and the bass overwhelms the songs I play. The EQ on my mixer are at middle (no EQ is increased or decreased) so i can hear exactly how the WAV/AIFF file song im playing was mastered. But when the song is recorded to the DR-40X the songs sound brighter and lacking mids and the bass is too high. Any ideas how to fix this? What should be record setting be set to?

The DR-40X is connected on the Record out on the mixer by RCA and then the RCA turns into a XLR. The XLR for each L/R speaker connect to each appropriate side. No idea what would be causing this.

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