Driver problem or wrong DM4800 settings?

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    Hi you all!

    I am looking for the proper answer to a proble that seems related to my DM driver.
    I have the last version installed (1.30f9) on a 32G-Win10-i7 7700k machine.

    For some reasons, my sequencing programs are crashing repeatedly with the same behavior: Once frozen, I can close the apps with Task Manager, but there is an additional ghost incarnation that remains alive in the Task M. listing that is not willing to close, thus preventing the reopening of the said programs. The easy solution is to power cycle the DM, while the long one is to wait 15-20 minutes to get the release. For the later, the programs won't reconnect with the MMC.

    It is common to my three apps. After discussing the situation with knowledgeable folks, this appears to be a known problem with different setups. Mine has been fairly stable for years, then it began to act this way. I have reinstalled the drivers for both the ieee1394 computer card and the DM with no success.

    I suppose some of you have gone thru such a situation. What are your solutions?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Oh man what a pain! I’m sorry that is happening to you. I’m a Mac user and so I haven’t had any experience directly relevant to yours, but I wonder if u might:

    1. Try a blank DM snapshot (maybe there is something wrong w the one u have saved)? I have had problems w settings not ‘sticking’ and pan issues, and another user reported issues w pops and clicks from a bad snapshot. Maybe try leaving it connected w a blank/template snapshot on the board and see if the ghost instance recurs?

    2. test the setup with a different OS/host (whether Windows, a fresh install, or Mac) and see if the problem is in the host, or on the DM.

    3. I am sure Windows experts have a lot of possible suggestions as well. Good luck!
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    That would be the IF/FW driver. Are there any other audio interfaces on your PC setup? BTW, @mixerizer has some great tips too.
    I'm not so sure how 'common' this situation is. I don't recall reading about such an issue at all. But first things first: What is the firmware version of your IF/FW card? And at what firmware is the DM itself?
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