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Oct 4, 2012
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I need to use ftp and I'm confused or thick-headed (or both)...from everything I've read on the old forum, you use a Cat5 crossover cable if connecting the SX directly to a PC...but doesn't there have to be an internet connection to use an ftp program? once I unplug the PC from the router and plug the crossover cable from the SX into the Ethernet port, there's no longer an internet connection...I thought you could use ftp offline once you plug in the cable...
what am I NOT understanding here???
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The SX-1 acts as an ftp server, you don't need the internet.
so. what a I doing wrong? what IP address should I use in the SX screen? and what should the Host name be on the FileZilla page?
I've attached a pdf that explains everything you'll need to know. I'm not in the studio and I don't remember the addresses that I used. The SX1 and the computer you connect to must have the first three numbers of the addresses set the same. ie: 192.168.1.xxx. The last number must be different on each unit. When using a crossover cable you should use static addresses and set the subnet masks to The gateway should also be set to use the same initial numbers. ie: I think the password is SX1.


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I've read the Release notes, but they don't explain what IP address and Gateway I should be using on the SX screen or what the Host name should be on the FTP program...should I be using my PC's IP address and Gateway?
You can use any address that you want. Just make sure the first three numbers are the same on the SX1 and the computer. The host name for your ftp program is the address to the SX1. ie:

Here's how mine is set up:

user SX1

The computer is set to use the following:

I've used three SX and two computers at once without any problems. It's a closed network without an internet connection so I use static addresses.

Hope that helps.
that's where I'm confused...you say I can use any address I want, but your computer is set to use the same IP address as the SX (with the last digit different)...did you set that on the computer or is that your computer's IP address? if it isn't, then how did you come up with that IP address?
and I'm not sure how you do that with the FileZilla FTP since it asks for the Host name, User name, Password and Port# and not subnet or gateway...
maybe I should use a different FTP program???
please explain how you set the IP add/subnet/gateway on your computer...
You can use any address that you want but the first three numbers must be the same on the computer and the SX.

You'll have to configure your computer to use the address you select. It's probably set to obtain an IP address automatically. If you're on Windows, you'll need to go in the control panel and make the changes under network settings. The address should be set under the iPv4 properties in your local area connection. (The attached pic shows how yours is probably set now.) Click on "Use the following IP address:" and enter the information.

FileZilla will accept an address as a host name. The port number can be blank since I think it defaults to port 20.


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OK...I did exactly what you said and it still doesn't work : (
I'm using a crossover cable going directly to my PC...I made the Host name on the FileZilla program the same as the SX IP address...and when I disconnected the cable and tried to get back online, I had to change the PC IP address again....there has to be something I'm not following...why can't I use the IP address of the PC?
what FTP program are you using?
btw...what happened to the "emoticoms" and other editing tools that used to be on this site???
A little quirk I discovered is that the OK button in the SX network setup page has to be clicked before clicking the Start FTP button. Sorry I forgot to mention that.

You can use the IP address of your PC. Just make sure that the first three numbers on the SX are the same and that the subnet mask and gateway are exactly the same.

I use FileZilla as well. Sometimes I just use a browser.
I still can't get it to work!!! so far I tried a different CAT5 crossover cable (both made by Belkin) and I tried using FileZilla Client AND Server programs (just in case)...this is how my PC and SX are configured:
IP Address:
(this is taken from the Command Prompt/ipconfig page on my PC)

IP Address:
User Name: sx1
Password: sx1

In the SX FTP screen, after I type in the IP, subnet and gateway:
I hit "OK" and then hit "Start FTP" (I have also tried using both the "Import Directory Only" and the "Import and Project Directories" tabs)
on the FileZilla page, I type in as the "Host" and use sx1 as the user name and password...I have left the "Port" either blank or 21 or 22...I hit connect...
"Can't connect to server"
"Retrying to connect"
"Can't connect to server"
"Retrying to connect"
"Can't connect to server"
"Retrying to connect"
etc., etc., etc...

I checked my Firewall settings and the FileZilla is on the block exception list and I even tried with the Firewall off...nothing works...what am I missing???
Try giving command:
on command prompt. What's the result?
after this you may try:
C:\>arp /a
Do you see your SX ( listed there?
It looks like you're setting everything correctly. Try to ping the SX and see what you get. Are you positive that you're using a crossover cable and not a regular CAT5 cable?
when I type in: C:\>ping I get a message that says "not recognizable as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file"
and same thing with C:\>arp /a
and yes, I'm sure I'm using a crossover cable...
I tried to use an IDE to USB adaptor today to transfer the files from the SX HD to my PC, but that didn't work either!!!
That's weird. It should give a response like "request timed out" .
Try typing the following:
ping localhost
am I supposed to connect the crossover cable to the same Ethernet port that goes to my FiOS router/modem? in other words, once I disconnect the cable on my PC, I'm offline...is that how you're supposed to do it or should I have a second Ethernet card installed on my PC? I'm so confused, I'm not even sure what I'm saying anymore! FTP is supposed to be a simple and efficient way to back up files, but it's turning into a nightmare...what could be blocking the program? could it be the Ethernet card in the SX isn't functioning properly (the green light comes on when I insert the cable), but how do I know if it's actually functioning???
when I type in: C:\>ping I get a message that says "not recognizable as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file"
You didn't include that "C:\>"-part on the typed command? Did you?

am I supposed to connect the crossover cable to the same Ethernet port that goes to my FiOS router/modem?
Yes, if you don't want to buy a second network card. And you don't, because then things get complicated.

BTW. Don't you have multiple ethernet ports on your router? Why not plug SX1 into one of those with regular ethernet cable?
I typed:
my router is in my office upstairs...I'll have to buy a straight cable that's at least 50'...I'll try that if nothing else works...
You don't need to type C:/>. It's already displayed by the command prompt. (Your prompt may look different if you're not in the root directory. ie: C:\SomeDirectory>) type the ping command after the >
I typed:
just type
to see if your SX responds to ping ... and then
arp /a
to see if your SX is recognized by Windows at all.

my router is in my office upstairs...I'll have to buy a straight cable that's at least 50'
As a long-time solution I recommend something like that. Itäs easier to have your SX being connected to your network permanently. Saves a lot of time when you don't have to switch cables and fight with computer problems every time you need to transfer files.

But everything should work with X-over cable too.

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