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Sep 25, 2012
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Hi all!

Will someone Step-By-Step me through the Dynamic Triggers? I understand the concept and what it does, but I have never done it in the board - it is literally my "Final Quest" of the board - especially with all of the outboard gear I have - which - "I" - ADORE!

Again - I get the purpose, I've never tried to set it up. Now that I am recording a full band in my house - I wanna get experty with it.

Video would be nice (hint).;)
2. Select inputs you want to use to "drive" the triggers.
3. Select desired trigger in TRG SEL box in module/dynamic processor you want to trig.

In my opinion, extreamly simple ... teached it to myself while writing this ... or is there something more sophisticated there, which I'm not aware of?
An addendum to Jarno's post:

There are a few reasons to side chain triggers:

-For 'ducking' (often in sound track work where music has to be quickly dipped behind a voice over without being obvious , or - in a dense mix where - say - a string section needs to pop up and back, and a fader move wouldn't be swift enough. In that case, it would be a 'Compander' - compressor/expander.

-For a special effect - where, say, a kik drum has to supersede another loud element, without displacing it completely.

And for numerous other creative applications.

So - obviously - the attack/release settings are crucial for making these types of things work without sounding like a 1981 Sony cassette recorder with those cheap AGC mikes. :)

Just saying.

Have to add one note to my own post:

I find need to use dynamic triggers (as they are defined in DM) extreamly rare. If the "trigging" signal is routed in some of the DM's channels (on the same layer as "triggered" signal path), you don't need to go trough definining triggers in routing screen, but you can just define "thigging" channel directly on TRG SEL box.

So ... you need to use "dynamic triggers" only if:
1. "Trigging" signal is not needed on your mix (and thus not routed to any channel)
2. "Trigging" signal is routed to a channel in other fader layer
3. You want "trigging" to follow unprocessed signal (not sure if this applies ... don't know from which point on the channel signal path DM picks the signal chosen to TRIG SEL box ... hey there IS somethiong I don't know about in DM)
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Would - Love - To - See - A - Video - Of - It - In - Action.

Again, I know the purpose - I just want to see it in action on the console.
Damn, Ernie! I'm still trying to organize that other video I've been blathering about. :)

Hey - JARNO! Now that you got your fan done, you think.................................... :cool:
Excuse me? You have already said you know ther purpose. We've given you the technical details. What are you missing? A video? OK. Sure I can make a video on how to duck/gate a sine wave oscillator by beating a miced snare drum, but what's a point there?
I'm good thanks.
Not necessary for me anymore CaptDan. Continue on your current video quest - I'm looking forward to your topic.

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