East Coasters Unite!


Oct 17, 2012
Lancaster, PA USA
Gear owned
DM3200 UH-7000 3030R2R
Spent the weekend in Charlie's basement at The BaStudio with his (other) friend, Steve, who now goes by the name of Smurf, so that we wouldn't get confused. What a great time! Plenty of good beer and a weekend recording session. Upon arrival, I was whisked away to the throne of his new drum set and recorded some tracks. (The drums sounded great...my playing could have been better!) I got a thorough lesson in Cubase 8 while we both shared ideas and techniques. And nothing other than his cat to interrupt us.
I'm really looking forward to the next meeting of the minds at the BaStudio.
Let's get that song finished...I smell Grammy!


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What an awesome weekend! Steve is not only a talented engineer but serious drummer as well. Don't let the modesty fool you, this cat can PLAY! Drum kit recorded real nice as did the other basic tracks and we'll finish it up Steve and share with the rest of the forum. We should get more east coasters together and have some good food, beer and record! West coasters invited as well. My only regret was that it wasn't a 3 day weekend! Thanks Steve!
Hey, I'm on the west coast! Oh wait, different continent.. :p
If however I end up in the NYC area I'll certainly let you guys know - don't expect too much of my drumming though..
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Nice, great sound altogether!
East coast west coast how about the middle? There a Tascamers here too. Like the song. Pretty decent.
Excellent week-end work! It's clean, pro-sounding (playing and engineering) and has a nice uplifting hook and message.

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