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Ricardo Camargo

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Feb 23, 2016
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tascam x 48
Hello everyone

My name is Ricardo, and in 2 weeks I'm gonna do a gig that uses the X48. I never used it before and found very little information on it, except for the owner's manual , which doesn't really have what I need to know.

I'm gonna use it as a playback device together with a Yamaha m7 mixer, light console and a computer running Qlab for video. I was told the SMPTE comes from the X48, and all the other are slaves in this enviroment.

I have 2 questions: I'm gonna need to replace one of the songs on the showfile, can I do that without the monitor, cause I don't know if they have the whole VGA, mouse and keyboard set up ( I hope they do ).

Second question is regarding timecode: Does the tascam generates SMPTE. And unless the song has the exact same lenght of the song I will replace, it's gonna affect the timecode for the rest of the show right?

Thank you

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