EMG TV: Audio powered by the DM3200

Gravity Jim

Sep 28, 2012
I had the honor and privilege of touring the EMG Pickups office and manufacturing facility today, and also saw the video and audio production studio where they create the weekly EMGTV YouTube cast. Imagine my delight when I saw that the audio for every episode of EMGTV passed through a DM3200! Jeff, the producer/director, and I had a great time raving to each other about the console's amazing flexibility, price-to-performance and great sound. EMG is dedicated to pristine, hi-fi guitar sounds and I learned a lot about how that goal is achieved, but the most fun was seeing Jeff's obvious appreciation of our beloved mixer.
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He told me that when he was hired to spec out the new A/V room, he spec'd the DM. The company founder said, "Tascam? Don't you want something... better?" Jeff said, "Wait til you hear it and see what it does." :)

Jeff's DM is completely tricked out with FireWire card, ADAT card, analog expander, the works. I said I was amazed to see one in a studio I might be working in, and he said, "Welcome home!"
He didn't say (we were both talking fast and loud about the incredible value of our awesome desks), but the console is still there, so I'll assume that Rob approved. ;)
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I spotted a DM4800 in an episode of "UFO Hunters" on the History Channel last week.
They were in a studio analyzing audio footage.

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