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Dec 12, 2012
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Hi Guys,

I'm new here and have a question that I hope doesn't make anyone wince.

My iPhone takes great video...but.....

I would prefer to be capturing precise audio at Air Shows to go with the video.

Does anyone know if the Tascam DR-40 will send the captured audio out to a recording device (iPhone)?

And if so, does it requirea soldering iron? I have one and am ready if it's the case.

OK! Since nobody has replied this topic I decided to give my uneducated opinion.

In your situation I would just record video with iPhone and audio with DR-40. Then composite them in a video editing software.

Only problem with this approach is how to sync those two without time-code master device ... which gives you an old-school solution: just use a clapperboard (or equivalent) in the beginning of every take you are recording.
Hi Jarno and thanks for your reply.

I beleive your answer is the truth...I had played around with some extra XLR cables & alligator clips to determine the correct connection between both the DR-40 and the iPhone...No sound was recorded into the phone.

In addition, to be doubly sure, I connnected a meter to the DR-40 to see if ANY type of signal came out from the DR-40 through the XLR cable to the meter...Not a single solitary signal was detected.

So, bottom line...It's not possible.

The old clapper board and video editing software will be my way forward (Anyway, there will be less "cableage" when I am recording).

Jarno is right, a simple strong clap will work. I had some problem with sync after 1 or 2 minutes using a DR-07KMII, it looses sync using my photo camera.

With DR-40 try to record on BWF format that is a WAV compatible format and has a more precise timing but make sure your software recognize BWF format before.

The XLR are inputs on DR-40. You can try to connect the line out but you will lose quality.

TASCAM iM2 would be the easier solution here.
Oh thanks for pointing out the BWF having more precise timing adrstudio...My goodness there is so much to learn!

The TASCAM iM2 is a tidy little package you're right, but this wouldn't allow the full stereo effect. I subject woud always be centered in the video, thus the sound always being centered...Additionally, the video with an iPhone is taken with the phone laid over, putting the mike in a perpendicular position to the floor, ears, etc...

I have some GAMUT Phi7 speakers that will handle the sound singularly and extremely punchy as the plane moves across....Waiting for the next airshow.

I haven't looked around so deep on this forum yet, but I hope there's a place to upload what I capture and share with you guys.

Most sync problems are from recording the audio at 44k. Try 48k.
You guys are keeping me busy...I'm going to play around with all this different sampling rates for my own experience...Good thing I'm on Holiday!!!

I'm also going to make my own wind sock...I realized when touching the body, the micrphone also picks these little sounds up as well...Anyone have any ideas on how to solve both?
Lavs? Omni lavs have much less handling noise than Cardiod mics, which is why they are standard in TV and Film work. You can hide them under clothes to kill wind noise, we make little holders with Dr Scholl's "moleskin" sometimes that stick on the body and protect the mic head from touching anything sometimes.
Thanks Will...

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