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Wow. Super smooth, hip, great guitar playing and really impressive keyboard chops. I work the same way, playing almost everything but horns, and your stuff blows mine out of the water, bro. We need to meet up for that whisky fueled convo!
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Wow, nice job .......................!!!!!
Salty and Tasty!! What are your mastering techniques? What did you use Dan? Sounds great!
"Salty" - my 'nickname' for years at another music site. (Methinx Charlie's psychic. :) ).

Thanks for the kind words, sir. My mastering workflow is essentially straightforward: Ozone5 chains (multi-band comp, exciter {in 'tube' setting), EQ, [analog behavior] normally bumps in <>70-90db range, 9kz, and often a wide Q in the 1500-4000hz bands), Imager, with frequencies set to play nice with the Multiband, limiter using IIIRC in brickwall {average peaks -6-7db, -14db RMS, peaks at -.01), and post-EQ with whatever tweaks my ears tell me are needed. Older Adobe Audition is editor/host.

EDIT: I should mention the obvious: the sonic integrity of the DM is the main reason the mixes sound so solid and open. Mastering material done on this console is a real treat.

PS: I'm already dusting off a space for that UH7000; I can see some some usefulness in a mastering scenario, not to mention tracking.

Appreciate your checking it out, Charlie; much appreciated. :)

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