Excellent Latency Article

Very nice, indeed. Nothing new to me (and probably lot of our friends here), but for someone, who's not tech-oriented it gives a good view without going too deep into details ... and while doing this contains at least one factual error, which is insignificant, though, because it helps to explain the overall picture.

For everyone, who didn't understand all the things in the article, I may notify, that using our DM's "the right way" we are using "near-zero-latency monitoring" approach mentioned in the article.

There's one thing in the article, I must disagree with: "In the near future, computer systems will likely be powerful enough that buffers can be permanently set to a size small enough to be unnoticeable". In my opinion this isn't happening in "near future". In "near future" while processing power goes up, some (most) of the people just use this extra power for throwing in more virtual istruments and FX plugins and keep their CPUs too busy to be able to enjoy lower latency. In distant future this will be true, though. Or maybe I'm just too pessimistic.
yeah - I really liked - because it reminded that I am doing the right thing and have been for a while. I've been doing the zero-latency monitoring since my MBox mini, by sheer natural process.

Love my console.

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