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Jan 22, 2014
Perth, Western Australia
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Hi all,

Recently acquired the DM4800 with firewire card and surround sound card at work. Everything seems to be all good, so far..

Im using Pro Tools 10 just for reference.

Remote layer is communicating fine with Pro Tools (Faders, Pan Pots, Machine Control button section etc..)
My question is this:

Can I control my Plug-ins (e.g Vacuum/Mini Grand/Xpand!, etc..) Parameters such as level, balance etc.. with the Tascam?

I have tried to setup "MIDI Cntrlrs" within the "External Control" sub menu in "Remote" then in turn setting up in ProTools another HUI peripheral device with "Tascam...ProgramChangePort" or "Tascam.....MIDI port"
After doing so then tried to use "Learn" Command on each parameter within the plug-in whilst turning the POD controls on the Tascam but still nothing.

Watched the video tutorial of Ernie Jackson with Cubase SX3 and user defined layers but still nothing

Using a USB MIDI connection and none of the other MIDI outlets on the Tascam just USB.
Everything seems to be working fine (TC on meter bridge, Routing of all audio to and from ProTools etc..) except for this (if it can be done)

Thanks for your time and advice in advance.


I'm a PT/10 user too and, although I haven't delved deeply into remote plug in control, I believe it can be done on the DM.

Stay tuned, and maybe the 'Master' - Ernie J - will chime in and take it from here.


Ok - FINE Capt. Dan! It will get done TODAY!!!!!

Hi Chris!! Welcome.
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Almost there folks!

Today is my birthday - so I'm NOT BUSY, but I have answers - NICE ONES TOO!!

Be back later.
Happy Birthday Ernie! How Old now?
Not to hijack - 49. Seriously, tomorrow I will have the video up. I had to literally write out a script so that EVERYONE would get what needed to be done with no hesitation, and possibly add some refinements. This one will be awesome guys. Been doing that and playing geetar all weekend!!
Thanks so much for your speedy replies and welcomes everybody! I'm really enjoying to use the desk especially with the surround module expansion.
I will be dabbling into more automation this week also. Look forward to the video Ernie!

Thanks again for your advice so far!

I'll upload screenshots of my settings for you guys to see:

Also Happy Birthday too Ernie! Hope you had a good one!
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Happy Birthday Ernie.

Come to Queens and we'll celebrate by getting ripped on Bell Boulevard.

Afterwards we'll stumble into V.I.P. Pizza, order you a chicken parmigiana hero, put a candle on it and sing ya "Happy Boithday".
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Steve's in!

Great, I made myself hungry.
I'm in Bayside and Jamsire works literally a few blocks from my house. DJ X, you're in LI right?
Brooklyn. But I almost went to Bayside the other day to look at puppies.
I'm in Northern California, but I would sure like to be there for this momentous occasion.
Awesome! Maybe it should get its own thread so people can find it better?
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