external effects: US144 vs US122?


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Apr 13, 2013
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US-122 MKii
i recently purchased a us122 mkii and a kaoss pad hoping to set up some external effects processing for tracks in ableton, but i'm wondering if i may have gone with the wrong interface. i tried a bunch of different set-ups, the most successful of which being: computer internal soundcard to kaoss pad input, kaoss pad output to us122 input, us-122 output to speakers and plugged into computer via usb. i recorded a short loop this way that i was effecting with the kaoss pad but for some reason every subsequent attempt to record gave me huge feedback loops.

so my question is: should i go with the 144 instead? would i be able to split the digital out and send it to the kaoss pad inputs and have the kaoss pad going back out to the 144 while monitoring with the main outs hooked up to the speakers? this seems like the optimal set-up and is currently not possible with the single output of the 122.

any help would be appreciated, this is my first time integrating anything but midi controllers into my set-up.

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