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Sep 17, 2014
Bolton UK
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2xTascam sx-1
Hello again
I need extra tracks on my sx 1 for recording and playback
16 is not enough for what I need
So what are my options?
Thanks in advance
Depending on what exactly you are trying to achieve during recording and mix down your options can vary. Option 1 - you can put (2) SX 1's together. Option 2 - You can pickup a MX-2424 and sidecar it to via the built in adat port and adat expansion cards. There are a few threads on here and the old board detailing the creative routing for both options. Depending what you actually require. Good luck.
Hi I want to record upto 16 similtaniously and then add on further tracks such as vocals and guitar/keybourd tracks. This was easy on my old Korg 32xd > I do have 2 sx1's Thanks in advance Graham

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