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Dec 3, 2013
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Tascam dm24
Hi there,

When I put on my DM24 it makes an extreme noise.
The noise fades away in about ten minutes and then becomes a hum which won't go away.
Does anyone know how to fix?
Is this a power supply issue?

Thanks in advance
Through the speakers. Very loud , all leds are fully red on the beginning. After a while it fades away
Through the speakers?
No, this isn't a PSU problem. BTW, the DM24 has 2 power supplies, a switcher for the "digital" part of the desk and a conventional linear supply.

If you're based in The Netherlands, contact Hanex Service in Leimuiden, Tascam repair centre. They are very helpful, at least they were in my case.

http://www.hanexservice.nl/fmi/iwp/cgi? ... loadframes
I just bought one and have the same problem. The noise comes through the input channels and the ol/status led s lighted. Over a few minutes the noise is gone. Anyway to reset the firmware or the console without a computer?
No that's not true, Music Service Beegden, who service Yamaha and TC Electronic, are far worse than Hanex ;)
The Mackie service center Germany is even further worse, it took them three (!!) years to fix the Mackie TT24 of my collegae, and even worse, it wasn't fixed at all when we first used it.

The problem with Hanex is the following, There is only one guy who works there, who has knowledge about Tascam. He knows a lot about the DM24. I spoke a lot of times with this guy over the phone.

In 2009 I bought my DM3200, first one had a bad display. Store I bought the mixer contacted Tascam Europe (based in Germany) and they wanted to replace the display. I said NO. New mixer, doesn't work as expected, so replace the whole mixer. Took some calls and mails with Tascam Europe, and my mixer was replaced.

Second DM3200, great LCD, but, FX engine 2 crashed after 3-5 minutes. Went back to the store, sorry guys but now I have this problem.
They wanted to fix the mixer, no I said, bought a new one, not a repaired one.

Took some calls again, and yeah, mixer was replaced. Tascam even arranged a special transport for it.
The third mixer was ok, and still in use without problems. All of the above took 3 weeks. But I haven't been very friendly at the phone and I haven't been very friendly to Tascam Europe on the phone ;)

Faulty DM3200 with the crashing FX2 engine was sent to Hanex. Their repair guy called me with the question "how can I emulate this problem". Took 4 days and 8 phone calls to explain how to get a signal to FX2 engine...........

The repair guy is helpful, he hasn't got a lot of knowledge about DM3200/4800 desks. He told me ;)
About the noise coming in... Its like a dimmer electrical noise that vanishes within 10 minutes or so, and in my case on first 16 ch. After its gone i can power off and on the mixer without a problem but if i wait too long to re-power it the noise is there again.
Then why do they even offer repairs for it?
It was really frustrating.
I can imagine that......... It's the only company in our country who offer service for Tascam gear, and they do have a connection with Tascam Europe........
I hope my DM3200 stays working without problems that I can't repair by myself.....I do hope so......
Hey fellas...so this week I noticed that my DM24 makes a humming sound through the speakers and headphones for about 5 minutes after a cold start. If I power it off, then on again, the sound is faint with the CR/headphone level turned all the way up (you'd never run it that loud, ever). I only hear this sound (which sounds like a power transformer that serves your home or business) when the unit is cold started for a few minutes. Afterwards, I'm golden. It does not seem to affect any of my recordings at all. Is this a leading indicator of some sort of imminent failure? I seem to remember a thread about this on the old forum but it's been too long.

One other thing to note, the console is completely silent when it is on - no humming sound is audible outside of the CR and headphone outputs. Also, none of my meters are lighting up at all while this humming is occurring (other than the standard self-diagnostic as the console starts up)
Hi there, This was the elco needs to be replaced. It was in the 'other' PSU, just underneath all connectors on the backside. All elco's have been renewed now for bigger ones and my DM24 works fine again. I hope this will help you to LA6507Elco_mengtafel.jpg

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