F1-F12 buttons on Dm Cubase automation


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Oct 28, 2012
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Hi everyone,

Who can help me with this? (I'm on a Mac 8 core/OSX 10.6.8/DM3200/Cubase 6.5.4)

All automation works, but there's another thing I would like to work:

On the DM, machine control F1-F12 buttons, only F9 works; when I push it, the Channel settings for the selected channel appears on my Cubase monitor-screen (On audio channels I can adjust and see the eq's/inserts and sends etc. on midi channels inserts sends and midi-volume etc.) and the led at F9 on the DM lights up.
The other F buttons don't do anything.

Now I would like to give the other F buttons a function as well: is that possible and how do I do that?

Thanks in advance!
I don't know how it works on Cubase 6.x.x, but in SX-3 there's a sub menu displaying the various Function Key options - many used in conjunction with
(ALT)ernate keys (such as in DM: Shift/control, etc). You highlight these options and select them as parameters, which can be changed at any time.

If you can't find that menu, try applying various F-keys along with Shift to see what the results are.

Do you mean at: "Device setup"? Guess that didn't change from SX3; don't remember.....
I've tried that at the Mackie control and Mackie control2 page at channel 6 & 5 User commands, but that didn't work and there wasn't anything "filled in" like F9 = eq
(these pages only go untill F8 and can be doubled by pushing shift))

I have the feeling I must address these commands in the DM? but can't find nothing where F9 is filled in.

Other (double) functions on my keyboard for Cubase work normally; can't find the page, guess I have to dive in the Cubase manual.....
There's a misunderstanding: I don't mean the Cubase function keys (I found them in Cubase and they work as normal on my keyboard), but I want the function keys on the DM to work as well, not the only one that's working there: the F9

For example: when I push F3 on the DM, I would like to see the Cubase mixer coming up on my screen and so on.....
Is that possible?
Yes, I understood what you originally intended - to access Cubase functions on the DM's machine control section.

It's been a few years since I used Cubase SX-3; still have it but have gone to ProTools for most of my work. But, if memory serves, the Device menu has a series of user defined keys which also work on a Mackie-controlled device (DM).
I was able to add several additional DM/F-keys for routine Cubase control, although I didn't use many of them because they required the DM's Shift key be used in conjunction.

Vignale said:
Is that possible?
It is. F-keys send Note on/off MIDI messages on DM's remote channel #1 (USB MIDI port 5). Some keys transmit while pressed with CTRL key, some just by themself and some using both methods.

Now all you have to do is to set up a Generic Remote Control device in Cubase t respond these note on/off messages and assign them to desired functions.
Gee, that sound like a job for on a rainy weekend; I'll try to figure it out.....
Thanks anyway!
I tried to set up this Generic Remote Control device (I added Generic Remote in Device setup) but then an unexpected screen showed up showing faders/channels/mute/pan etc. so I deleted that one again, afraid of messing up things. I also tried some others from the list, but don't know how and what to do.
Maybe someone can help me with this?
Just delete those default events (faders etc ... yes ... you have to press Delete button few times) and add event for note on. Then hold Learn button while pressing F-key to catch the note number. Finally select the desired function on lower part of the window (Command/Devices/Mixer to bring up mixer etc ...).
I finally found some time to try the above, but I didn't succeed.
Probably has to do that my time to understand these things is limited and also language related I guess.....
But there are some contradictions as well in Generic mode and the Mackie control panels: in Generic mode I cannot select the Function keys, but I can in the Mackie control page.
In Generic mode there's a learn button, but I only can switch it on/off, in Mackie control there's no learn button.

I tried several things but with no effect, so best for me would be a snapshot or a little list as an example (for example F1 = mixer (on the DM))

What makes me wonder as well is that when I press F9 on the DM (when I'm in remote layer status) the audio channels setting window shows up in Cubase, but nowhere in Cubase or the DM it shows that that is marked.

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