Finally got midi devices synced to 2488neo


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Apr 23, 2013
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I have used a 2488neo for 2 years now and totally love the physical interface and break from the computer. But, MIDI clock sync just doesn't work properly. The 2488neo as master generator of MIDI clock is flawed. You can record its own metronome into a track and when you play it back with metronome, the recording and metronome go out of sync. At bar 1 its the same, by bar 100 its obvious and steadily gets worse the longer the track. I am recording midi keyboards and this causes enormous problems. Unless you record from bar 1, new parts don't sync up with existing recordings.

I have found a solution though!

Tascam 2488neo as MTC master is fine, so I have been looking for something to convert MTC to midi clock. My solution is a MPC2500 with JJOS. Its not my preferred midi sequencer but it is spot on receiving MTC from the 2488neo and generating midi clock to my gear. You can have the MPC doing the default 2 bar loop, set the BPM to the song and it always starts the midi gear at the right spot. Or set the MPC to a long non-looping sequence and it always plays in time no matter where you start the 2488 playing or recording.

While I can't believe the midi clock doesn't work and never got fixed, I do have reliable sync. Phew! Now all I need is talent...


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