Firewire card "Driver Offline"


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Mar 14, 2014
Des Moines, Iowa
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Just got my dm3200 with the firewire card.

Got the control surface to work (not the transport yet) but the status of my 1394 is "driver offline"

I've installed 1.22 AND 1.21 to try both and neither have affected the status on the dm, and my mac pro (1,1) does not see it at all as far as I can tell. The status of the card is "OK" on the dm, no luck to set any i/o yet as It doesn't see it at all.

I'm sure I'm leaving important info out, but for now, any suggestions thus far? Thanks!
What version of Mac OS are you running?

First thing I'd do is uninstall all the drivers and just reinstall the most recent.

What happens when you open the IF-FW/DMmkII control panel?
hey jim. Tried the whole uninstall/reinstall.

Running 10.7 lion.

When i open the control panel it just says no devices.


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