Firmware crash on IF-FW/DM card


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Oct 16, 2012
Stavanger, Norway
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DM-3200 IF-FW-DM
I just bought a DM-3200 with a IF-FW/DM card installed. Unfortunately I decided to upgrade the firmware to v1.10.
In the process, I got an upload error, which means there's no firmware at all installed. In return, my PC doesn't "see" the firewire-card any more.

Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? I'd like to start using my new mixer at soon as possible... :)
Thanks for your reply. My manual only have 12 pages... (I downloaded it from

I can't seem to find other manuals anywhere. Do you have it in pdf format? ... nual_E.pdf
EDIT: 12 pages? That's what IF-FW/DM mkI manual has. Is your card mkI (original one)? If so, forget my advice and try to sell your card to someone with DM24 (those people are fighting for getting one) and use the money you get for buying a new mkII card.
Jarno beat me to it, but I just placed a copy in the Documents topic of this forum. Good luck fixing, if it is indeed a MkII you have.
It is a Mk1 unfortunately. I can't begin to describe how annoying this is. Just a few hours after I unpacked the thing, I manage to destroy it... haha. Talk about crash landing!

The MkII is only $370 on ebay, so I might just as well get it done.
I'm having the same issue. I used the safety boot feature and it worked for a while (until I rebooted the machine again). I then replaced the FW card with a new one and it worked for about an hour, then . . . same problem. Did you ever resolve your issue with the interface? Mine appears to be in the DM-3200 instead of the IF card.
If the IF-FW/DM (original) is not passing audio, but is showing up in the control panel, my final procedure is always to do a firmware update (from the control panel). Even if it's already at the latest, something about the re-flash resets more status inside the card and it comes to life again.

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