Firmware Update v1.72

That's all I beleive it addresses according to Redbus
That's because it is on the FTP site with the other BETAs in the sticky
That's all I beleive it addresses according to Redbus
Bummer! So no fix for oscillating EQ problem:
Is this firmware upgrade also for the DM4800? and if so how is it installed?
* Go to TASCAM beta site (instructions here: )
* Download firmware file
* Install it with Tascam Mixer Companion software
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My wife's been seeking an update for my alleged issues, but so far I'm stuck at Version 1.0
Similar issue here: no wife, but I'm myself really frustrated on creativity and skill issues with Jarno 1.0. Unfortunately there's not going to be any upgrades: my parents are WAY too old to release v 2.0.
A friend of mine warned me about this: He went from GirlFriend 6.0 to Wife 1.0 but didn't realize all other kinds of stuff came with it, like Mother-In-Law 55.8 and Brother-In-Law 1.0 Beta release. Also, things stopped working, like PokerNight 10.3, BeerBash 2.5, and PubNight 7.01a. Don't say I didn't warn ya!
Good day people. my name is Emil i am from cameroon . just bought the tascam dm 3200. i tried to connect with the computer but it keeps showing offline after trying all the possible softwares from the webside.with both window xp and window 7. really kind of frustrated.i need help.
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Anyone know how to remove the firmware update?
I've got my console up and running but now I've got a feedback loop static thing happening through the firewire card.
Everything was fine before I updated to the new firmware.
I believe you can flash to any version. What is the “feedback loop static thing”? Many of us have the latest firmware without issue. Think your issue is unrelated to the firmware upgrade. Flash the precious release to confirm.
Thanks. I’ve actually disconnected the computer now and it’s still happening. It’s like static or an endless feedback loop, even on the mic inputs routed to the stereo output.
Really strange stuff.
Load your previous mixer config save and see if it’s a recent setting you made. Factory reset as well to see it it goes away.
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