First of all, thank you community, second I need more help!


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Jan 15, 2015
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Ill start by saying I couldnt connect my 1082 to my x64 pc/sonar x3 setup, had similar issues as other people. I did a forum search and can across a thread to links to another site that walked you through the 1884 install with legacy drivers on the FW port. Other than using the latest 1082 software it worked!Simply switching the port to legacy, that was it (even though my card is not a TI card, but a VIA)

So now that I got that working, I think I was duped by the jerk that sold it to me. Of course he assured me that everything worked perfect, and he seemed like a trustworthy guy, however, I cant get the track 7 select button to work (in any bank)

Is there a way for me to fix that myself, can I buy a new button and swap it in?


Most of the Tascam gear is based on modular PCB's for each section of the console, controller or whatever it may be. You would be able to remove the PCB with that switch on it but a lot of the components are typically wave soldered on. Standard soldering methods will not help you if so. It may be worth shipping to Tascam or finding a Tascam service center willing to order and replace the PCB for you. That is if parts are still available.
Before you do anything else, get a can of Caig DeOxIt D5 and spray the bad button. You'd be amazed at how often it works. I fixed a dead synthesizer and a crackling tube amp within a week of each other with nothing but D5.

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