For Sale: Tascam M-3700 32ch/64 With Many Extras $1,500


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Jul 22, 2013
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M-3700 DA-88 DA-78

Built in 1993

32 mic pre's
32 line ins
32 tape returns
32 LED meters (Full meter bridge)
8 bus
2 sets of monitor outs
6 Aux sends (3 and 4 switches to 5 and 6)

VCA Automation

As far as MIDI goes, each VCA can control faders or sliders on your DAW. The EQ on/off and mutes can also control your system as well. Built in VCA automation with MIDI and SMPTE TC in and out can be written and saved onboard. Your DAW can also control the faders on the board. (Faders are NOT motorized.)

Board has been checked out and cleaned and is fully operational. Minor dings and scratches due to its age and normal use, but fully functional. (at the time it was decommissioned in February)

QuickLok Z-Stand with monitor shelf and monitor wings.
Stand was reinforced with extra supports for the weight and welds were strengthened.

In total you get:
The console
Power supply
Original Service Manual
Quick-Lok stand with attachments
1 20-channel 1/4" to 1/4" Snake
1 20-channel multi snake (Has 1/4" on one side, and 1/4" and XLRs on the other side)
3 1/4" balanced patchbays
4 13" RCA to unbal 1/4" 8-channel snakes (For tape ins)
Extra bank of 8 faders (One fader was removed to replace a broken fader, but all the electronics are there for it and the other seven faders)

You can't beat it for the price!!! More extras, amenities and capabilities than a Mackie, Behringer or any other board in that price range!

How much would it cost you for 32 mic preamps? How about 32 analog EQ's? How about a control surface? You get all of this in one package.

Email for more pictures.


Local pickup preferred. If you want it shipped or delivered, we can discuss that individually. (I offered elsewhere to deliver the console to the Nashville area for an extra $500. That is a 1,200 mile drive round-trip!!!)


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This thread is from last July... but he did say it was a 1,200-mile round trip to Nashville, so probably somewhere along the East Coast of the United States? :arrow:

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