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Oct 19, 2012
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Hi all,

Just looking into getting my first SX-1... have some quick questions.

I noticed the SX-1SE has a front-panel removable drive bay... that seems very ideal to me, as I hated the back-up process I previously had.. however, the SX-1 I'm looking at is the standard black one, with only a CD drive on the front-panel.

Has anyone ever installed one? Is it a simple computer part? (I've got some removable bays for computers at work) Or is there something special that only the SE version supports?

Cheers in advance!
Sounds great, but I'm betting you're not in Australia :|

Thought someone might have an idea of what the innards of the SX-1 is like, and the situation with removable drives. Or does everyone use the SCSI?
Since nobody has given you an answer yet, my understanding from reading the forums is FTP (Ethernet/Cat 5 cable to a computer with an FTP Client application to an outboard drive) is the way to go.
I am sure somebody will chime in with more info.
I am the least qualified here to answer in any detail.

Thanks watchdog!

Yeah, FTP seems to be the regular way. But I just like the idea of having multiple hard drives and swapping them in and out depending on the session, it would make it easier to manage, rather than having to wait out the copy/move of necessary/unnecessary files over the network.
I'm not as technically savvy as most of the SX users here, but I was able to add a removable bay by simply taking off the front cover where the CD drive is and switching the cables to the back of the bay...looks great and works great too...
some SX users just opened up the front and have the hard drive sitting there for easy access, but it's really simple to install a bay in the front...
you have to remove the back of whatever bay you buy in order to make it work, but it DOES work...
I did it on both of mine and have had zero propblems...

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