FS: Tascam 38 w/ 2 Tascam DX-4D units


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Nov 8, 2014
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Tascam 48
I have a Tascam 38 with 2 Tascam DX-4D noise reduction units. The 38 has rack ears but is not currently in a rack. I have a CS-607b available, though I'm not in a rush to sell the rack.

The Tascam 38 works nicely. I recently stepped up to a Tascam 48, so I am letting go of the 38. All motors are strong, capstan is solid, pinch roller is nice, tension assemblies are nice, etc. This isn't a super mint machine, it's used but well cared for.

$800 for the deck, rack ears, and NR units. I live in St. Petersburg, Florida. I'll ship it, but it will be expensive.


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Do you still have the CS-607 and if so, is it for sale?

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