Functional block diagram DM3200/4800


Oct 12, 2012
The Hague, Netherlands
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Hi everyone,

I notice that a lot of questions posted here are about routing and signal flow through the board.
Maybe this diagram:


can be of help to somebody. It shows the frequently used signal paths and the screens and buttons that are used to obtain those paths.

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Can't see it.
Works now.
I like it Frans, did you do this yourself? If so, nice job. I think it's accurate, I didn't look at it too closely yet.
Thanx TascMan, I made it some time ago, using images from the Tascam manual. I like to visualize things to understand them better. Please let me know if you find any errors.

CaptDan: goedenavond, hoe gaat het met u? (The diagram is in English)
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That's a good high level diagram Mr Headroom - all I'd suggest is to colour the lines that could induce feedback red.
Hey Great Job Mr. Headroom, and many thanks . very helpful.
Thanks for the diagram, unfortunately I can't see it and when you blow it up it's blurred. any chance of a bigger clearer picture as it looks useful

great post........

checked the picture in post 2 but still a little to blurred when zooming in......
could you please post it i higher resolution?

Marry Christmas / Hakan
Follow the link in post 2
Click on the the diagram (.jpg) there
That will get you to the .bmp version, which is the highest resolution I have.
(I don´t know how to post the .bmp here directly)
The figures from the manual are just used to make the connection to the functional blocks. For example: the second column in the input routing screen connects to the channel modules. See also CaptDan´s Routing Zen for a description.

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