FW-1804 adat channel problem Cubase 7


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Feb 28, 2014
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FW-1884 and FW-1804
I have an FW-1804 unit connected via ADAT to my FW-1884 which is connected to my PC via firewire. everything works fine except that anything i plug into analog inputs 1-4 on my FW-1804 shows up on ADAT track 1 on my Cubase 7 AI, and anything i connect to to inputs 5-8 shows up on ADAT track 2.

I want to know how to get each input on each ADAT track so that i can record 16 simultaneous tracks and not 8 from my FW-1884 and 2 from my FW-1804.....

... any ideas?
The sample rate is set to 44.1khz.

These are the settings:

FW-1884 Control Panel Settings.png
I'm quite late to the game here but did you ever manage to figure that out stufellu? I'm in exactly the same situation and having exactly the same issue.

FW-1884 is connected to the PC via FireWire and the FW-1804 is running into the 1884 via ADAT. I'm limited to ten channels as all 8 channels on the 1804 are all being read only on ADAT inputs 1-2 within the DAW.

I'm at 48K. So I'm having trouble creating a solution...
Also worth mentioning, I have also tried to sync the 1884 clock to the 1804's via ADAT internally in the DAW to no avail.

I used to extend my 1884 channels with an ART 8 channel interface and always synced the 1884's clock to the ART unit with good results. I did this by making the ART unit the "clock source" in the FW1884 control panel. Doesn't seem to work here when I select the 1804 as the clock source.
Can't you sync with the word clock BNC connection?

My buddy had a bear identical issue as both of you, but he's using 2 RME cards. He tried & tried to get 8 his extra channels, it took his computer builder ADK's tech support guy to set it up FOR him while it was connected to the net for remote control. Unfortunately, the guy did the set up so fast that he could follow along with what he did. I had asked him, and he couldn't say. It was however, all in the proper set-up.
I tried to help him best I could with his 2 RME cards & Cubase 8 Pro before he got it taken care of....told him to look at the interfaces control panels I/O's and his Cubase I/O VST Connections, as well as his I/O on each Cubase track assignments. When I use ADAT, I set each 8 channels left & Right (ch 1 L, Ch 2 R, Ch 3 L, Ch 4 R etc).

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