FW 1804 Noise on start up


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Mar 24, 2013
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Tascam FW 1804
Whenever i turn the unit on a horrible rhythmic screechy noise occurs on all inputs and and outputs, it starts high pitched and slowly descends over about fifteen minutes then the unit actually become useable.

Recently i've noticed it comes from the machine itself as well (i.e. put my ear on the 1804 and can hear the noise)

I've updated the firmware and re-installed drivers etc, i emailed tascam support twice and got no useful info other then send it in for repair, but for the cost of sending it in and having the repair done i may as well just buy a new interface.

anyone got any ideas? this happen to anyone else?
Sounds like a capacitor charging (like in a photo-flash unit). Maybe replacing the power capacitor will fix it. I have a FW-1804 too but never had this problem. The only problem I have is getting the unit recognized by my PC or notebook. Often I have to restart 3 times and sometimes after a hour or so it loses connection again. I think this was not their best interface. When it works it's really handy with 8 channels and two midi.

Also check your clock setting in the FW1804 control panel (on your PC). The clock-source and the bit-rate.


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