FW-1884 and AVG anti virus


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Oct 16, 2012
I've just fired up one of the laptops and seen notices from the AVG anti-virus that it has detected fw1884panel.exe as a threat and has both moved it to the virus vault and also deleted it. Also listed today is that some part of Real Player has been deleted.
The AVG notices are pretty useless as they are not re-sizeable, so I can't read the full path of the deleted file or even copy it out.

I will try to investigate further, but has anyone else seen this?
Re: AVG anti virus

Update. It appears to have been a false positive. I've tested and it came out clean using AVG's preferred method. It looks as though it passes today's update, where it was picked up by their yesterday's set of updates I've submitted a report to them.

This has wasted quite a time.

It looks as though bringing the file back from the virus vault and running it rebuilds the process and registry entry.

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