FW 1884 Fire Wire Failure


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Dec 30, 2014
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Tascam FW 1884
I'm here helping my husband (he's blind) try to figure out what went wrong. He's using 64 bit Sonar 8.5 in Windows 7 with an FW 1884 and FE8 side car.

Today he unplugged the fire wire connection from the computer while the FW1884 was powered on. When he plugged it back in computer does not see FW1884.

The manual doesn't seem to have info. We are wondering if he damaged the board or is there a way to reset it?

Thanks for your help!
*posted this in the wrong place to start. apologies...
Try switching everything off and then re-boot both the Tascams and computer. Plug everything in first before you do so.

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