FW-1884 isn't recognized by Macbook Pro


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Dec 12, 2012
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Tascam FW-1884
Hi everyone, my Tascam FW-1884 isn't recognized by my macbook pro when I plug it in. I've downloaded the drivers, is there anything else I am supposed to install? When I plug it in nothing pops up on my computer and the firewire light on the 1884 doesn't light up. Is there anyone else out there who successfully uses their FW-1884 with a Mac?? Do I need a firewire card with TI chipset? My Macbook pro is from mid 2012. Anyone have any suggestions? I need help! Thanks :)
Do not plug and unplug the firewire cable when the computer is turned on. You can blow out the chip. When you start FW-1884 does it blink 3 times?
I may have plugeed/unplugged while it was on before
sorry, I by accidentally submitted my last reply without finishing what i was saying... as i said I may have plugged/unplugged it while it was on before and when I turn on the FW-1884, everything blinks once. What chip might I have blown?
The firewire chip in my computer?
Is there a way to see if I have blown out the chip?
You can connect it to another compter to see if it will be recognised. If not it's very likely the FW chip has to be replaced.
I tried with a PC and I downloaded all the drivers and everything and plugged it in and for a second the firewire light was on and then it turned off. I looked at the soft LCD thing and it said it was connected, when I turned the 1884 off it said it was disconnected. So it seemed like it was recognized by the computer but the firewire light didn't stay on.
Does anyone service it? I thought it was discontinued

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