FW-1884 midi out in chunks of 8


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Sep 5, 2013
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I´m new to the forum and I just got the FW-1884 in about a week ago. So far my impression has been pretty good on the product. No tweaks so far that I can´t think of overcoming. I´m running it under 32-bit XP with the v1.70 drivers and the latest firmware. So to my question:

The unit seems to put out midi through the rotary encoders in chunks of 8 (0->8->16->....127). The faders as midi controllers work fluidly and smoothly but controlling with the rotary ones is pretty harsh. Is this a quality on this unit or is it something software based? Because if the midi is transmitted so poorly the encoders are pretty much useless.

I´ve used it indifferent softs through the last week and this occurs in every application.

Thanks in advance and I hope to have no more problems, but if I do I hope to solve them through this forum!

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