FW-1884 Sonar X1 doesn't work


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Nov 2, 2013
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Bought FW-1884 to use with Sonar X1. using 1884 version 1.60 with sonar plug in installed on Windows xp 3ghz pc sonar can play 10 channel project no problem on pc.

1884 has never worked, I had it repaired and checked at TEAC HQ, they say it works fine. Tried 2 1594 cards. sonar recognizes 1884 and allows setting audio/midi inputs and outputs. I get MIDI thru if I hook up a keyboard. I get output/input from sound card fine if selected. some of the sonar settings show up on the 1884 (play/stop leds, solo leds, etc).

I have set preferences to every setting (audio and midi), so I am extremely familiar with the preference pages in sonar.

Simple test 1 has never worked: plug in a mic to mic 1 (1884 shows signal and master output signal), set sonar audio input to 1884 input 1. mic is getting signal on 1884, nothing coming into sonar. talked to cakewalk tech, they said this should be easy. sonar works fine with input & output set to either sound card I have.

Simple test 2 has never worked: set sonar master output to fw 1884 output (1/2, 3/4, stereo, etc) play something which will play through either soundcard output. Sonar shows no output when played (and of course nothing on 1884).

Sonar works fine with input & output set to either sound card I have: plug in a mic and headphones and set inputs/outputs to the card.

Others say they the 1884 w/sonar works fine, others say they have problems but it functions, mine has never worked, I would really like to know how it works. From my experience, the 1884 seems to be a unit that just doesn't work on firewire, therefore no value as it doesn't even have line outs.

Very frustrating because I really like tascam, all other tascam products I've had worked flawlessly forever.
What happens if you set Windows to use the 1884?
If you are seeing the 1884 in Sonar it all should work.
I no longer have a working XP rig to try and trouble shoot here with.
If Windows is recognizing the 1884 and Sonar has it available in preferences; it all should work.
Can you post some screen shots of the Tascam control panel and Sonar preferences?


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