FW1884 96k Playback Issue


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Oct 24, 2014
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My FW1884 appears to work just fine in my DAW but when using it for media playback in windows 7 64bit with iTunes, I can not get it to play back correctly when set to 96k.
The files I am trying to play are 24/96 and itunes has been set in preferences for 24/96 playback but I can only play them back correctly when the Tascam is set to 44.1. Any ideas?
I've just observed that if I set the FW1884 to 96k and then open iTunes, once I try to play a song it struggles for a moment to keep sync and then bumps itself down to 44.1
I have since discovered that the reason it was being automatically bumped back down to 44.1 is because that was the sample rate selected in the sound section of windows control panel. I changed it to 24/96 and it now stays in sync but will not play anything properly at 24bit. It just maxes out the meters and plays a disgusting, consistent buzz. It's totally fine up to 16/96 but just can not handle 24 for some reason. This is the case in itunes, foobar and vlc player. I don't have any such issues in any of my DAWS. I am so completely baffled and disappointed by this. I have reinstalled the 1.8 drivers but that has not helped. I am starting to wonder if my interface is broken.
You appear to having a "conversation" with yourself.
IF the 1884 is working at 96/24 with your DAW, the 1884 is fine!
I suspect that it is a PC/iTunes issue.
And why wouldn't it be?
You're mixing Apples and Oranges (PC's really. Pun intended!).
"It's totally fine up to 16/96"
Then run it that way!
You really think you'll be able to "hear" a difference?
Its a compressed format!
Your FW1884 is working fine, get "over" it.

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