FW1884 Control Panel Problem.


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Jun 16, 2013
Hi Gang:

In the "MIDI Programming Tab" of the FW1884 Control Panel software, I am trying to reprogram the faders. I don't have any problem with the buttons and knobs, but when I move one of the faders, it does not register to the computer.

I am using Windows 7 (64 bit) with the latest drivers.

Any help would be appreciated all over the place.
I am aware of that tab in the control panel but never used it, because my DAW software (SONAR) has a separate control surface driver for the FW-1884. In SONAR it is necessary to specify the FW-1884 as a device, and then assign the correct driver to both input and output to make it work as a control surface so faders moved on the FW-1884 register on the screen, and vice versa. I would imagine it would be the same for any DAW.

How do you plan to use the faders if not in a DAW? And if you are using a DAW, which one?

By the way, some have reported success going back to the legacy firewire driver in Windows 7. And having a firewire with the TI chipset is essential. There are many other posts on both these topics.

Thanks much for your reply. I have Sonar as well and the unit is working well in that program; however, I need to configure the faders for other purposes. I am wondering if that is a known problem with Windows 7 (64 bit) or if it is unique to my situation. I purchased this unit on Ebay so who knows. Again, thanks all over the place for taking the time to respond.
OK, good luck.

Hey, since you have SONAR, you might like this. It's a nifty little SONAR file that exercises your faders! We shared it back around SONAR 7.

I put it up on my website here: http://www.mattfinley.com/promos/fadertest.cwp

Let me know when you have it, so I can take it down.

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