FW1884 firewire sync issues

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    Apr 2020
    Tascam FW-1884
    Hello all,

    I saw something similar happening on a previous thread and I posted on it last week but I had no responses. I'm starting a new thread...

    I upgraded to Win10 (the FW1884 was working in Win7) and went through the set up that's been outlined by DeeringAmps.

    Full disclosure: I messed up and inserted the cable upside down trying to get it to sync which fried my old unit (all lights flashing, no sound...argh!). I bought another FW1884 on eBay and I'm having trouble with it.

    I can't get the firewire light to go on no matter what I do using a 6 pin to 6 pin cable (the short one that came with the unit as well as 2 others that are shorter than 15'). I found a 6 pin to 4 pin cable in my arsenal and the firewire light comes on but it won't sync! I was so excited to see the light come on, but when you open control panel, it doesn't say sync. The control panel button on the unit doesn't work either. The Soft LCD says it's connected, the unit shows up in device manager, legacy 1394 drivers and all that. What could I be doing wrong? The manual says a 6 pin to 4 pin cable should work but does anybody know that for sure?