Gen1 x48 turned into x48mkII - and dead motherboard resolved

Discussion in 'TASCAM X-48 and X-48MKII' started by Neal, Mar 29, 2017.

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    Oct 2012
    DM4800 X48
    Hello. I've finally decided to sell my X48 which I used once and which sat for a very long time but am still having hardware problems. First problem after sitting a few years ago was the bum power supply which I replaced. And now more recently after sitting again, I got the failure to load message and all the channels turned to the flashing red and after reading all everywhere it's got to be the motherboard. I took it to a so called local official TASCAM repair facility who had it for 4 months and was stymied and simply wanted to replace the motherboard with another $450 Iwill board, so now I have it back (all taken apart and in pieces) and followed the advice here and picked up a used Intel D525 MW; but now that I have it, it looks totally different than my Iwill and I'm not sure about how to make the connections since it's much smaller and doesn't have the same connections as does the Iwill. Anyone help or guide in this regard? Any additional pics would also help. Thnx