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Oct 2, 2012
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Greetings to all, In my country, our power outlet not have grounding , for DM and Mac system I use UPS, I had problems with DM, I left without sound, several occasions, we encourage friends to dismantle the team, systems engineer, a friend and my ..... We raised the superiority panel .... surprise! bus connector was broken off, connect it, but not stirred the problem was still no sound, sounded like RF interference, then dismantle the upper panel, where TRIM buttons, my partner run my hand over the Master output components, did a new test, and voila .... it works! .... Conclusion half ..... any condensation? ? Possible .... lack of grounding?? What fixed it? ? ..... A week ago working normally. Comments .... please ...
My english is bad
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Welcome - I look forward to reading more about the recording scene in Bolivia if you have time to tell us.

My guess is that static or maybe a microfibre was shorting something in your board?
What should be static.?
The truth is not what happens to my DM, as shown in the video with a single blow, the sound came back, maybe it was just the offline bus, but as I said we connect ..... but nothing but hand through the Master components and ready .. but .. before disassembly, with a blow sertero, returning sound, ooops ...... I do not know. but thanks for the time .... if you need more information ... please let me know .... I will go with pleasure all the missing information ... thanks
before removing the DM test I did all I know, Ram reset and the test you indicate Fiber, but the latter did not miss any, all approved. Friends ...., will have been a lack of grounding in the DM? ......

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