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Feb 3, 2013
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788 688 us122 mk ii
hello, my 788 was working fine a week ago. the little wires got bent a little and now even though they all go in the hole, it comes on and says "scan drive" i get one "O" and then about give dots. i don't know which one means fail. and then it says "please wait" and that's all. will it ever come out of this screen? is there a way to reset it or something? what are my options at this point?

one thing i'm trying to remember. there are six little wires that make up the power connector. was there a plastic thing in the middle? is this important or just for stability? because this plastic thing might have broken off.

any help would be appreciated.
It sounds like your power supply is working ok. I would check that the HD is seated properly. Open up the back and unplug the HD and plug it back in again.

I had a similar problem years ago with my old 788 and it was a loose connection to the HD... you could start it up but then got the error message.

Its worth a shot.

thanks, i definitely took the hard drive out and it didn't fix anything. i sent it to tascam. they received it already. i'm waiting to find out what the problem was.
Hi - I am having the exact same problem with my portastudio, and wanted to know if you were able to resolve the issue you had with yours in February? Any help would be appreciated.


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