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Oct 6, 2012
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I recently recorded a live performance and afterwards had trouble connecting to the SX1 via FTP to back-up the files. I though it would be a good idea to pull the drive and use an external tool that allows the drive to connect to computer via USB and download the files to the computer. Well, the drive could not be read by my Mac or Windows PC's now it won't read in the SX-1 either! I was paid to engineer the show, not record it but I still want to be able to give the artist the files. Since the artist is also a two time Grammy winning recording engineer, it could mean more business if I can recover the files!

I was able to locate a boot image of BeOS (the last version they produced) and have an older PC to load it on but wanted to check with others before taking it that far. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!
As you have figured out by now, Macs and PCs can't read the internal SX-1 drive because of the proprietary Tascam/BeOs format. I haven't had any luck reading one with pure BeOs either, but it might work for you. I'd recommend putting it back in the SX-1 and doing a re-install of the SX-1 OS if you have the OS 1.52 CD. Then concentrate on getting ftp to work. I've had it take multiple tries to get ftp working when I knew my setup was correct. Good luck, PandaMan, and welcome back!
Thanks Rick, unfortunately the only choice I have when I boot from the 1.52 CD is to format the drive and load the OS. If I format the drive, my WAV files are gone!

I am going to try the BeOS route on a PC and see what happens. I also bought some software that is supposed to let me clone and then data mine a drive. If either method fails, then I will right it off as a loss and make damn sure not to do it again!

Sad part is, loading another project drive works fine as does the FTP!

Good luck - let us know how it goes!
Update on the hard drive problem. Using BeOS, a USB multi-drive adapter and an old Thinkpad, I was able to confirm that the data is on the drive and the drive is not dead. I am going to set up an old PC with BeOS and load the drive as a slave to see if that allows me full access to the files within. I am not ready to give up yet!

hey Panda...I know this is an old thread, but what ever happened to your files? did you have any luck recovering them?
Never touched FTP. I always work around this by playing the project through double ADAT (16 tracks) to my interface. Takes more time but I also have time to listen to the recording.
I am still loving the sound coming from the SX 1. Easy to record and mix with great results. Still having trouble to duplicate this sound in my expensive daw. Editing and mastering in the daw is more of a breeze.
Start a fun project soon. Recording on the SX 1 then transfer to the daw over ADAT. Mixing and editing in the daw and the transfer back to the SX 1. I wonder how that is gonna sound.
Why the need to transfer back to the SX1 after mixing and editing in DAW? It's already archived in the DAW at that point along with your mastering process. Sounds like an unnecessary step.
It's an old thread, but just in case anyone runs into a similar problem: For me, it's been a case of an illegal file name or corrupted file. The data has always been there, but project titles disappear, etc. I've been able to connect the internal drive to a windows IDE slave connector on the PC tower, boot up, go to computer, right click the new drive>properties>checkdisk>find and repair errors and it takes care of the problem. It didn't bother the PC that the drive had BE OS installed.

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