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Jul 12, 2014
Hi guys,
Is there a way for me to send deferent mix from the headphones and not the same as the main out?
I don't know what i'm doing wrong but i'm sure this can be done. All i can get in the phonos is mirroring the monitors. Any help?
I believe the board's headphone output is CR Out, but other than that Fiber is correct, Aux 1-2 is ideal (and possibly intended) for headphone mixes.
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The only way to do this successfully is to get a multi channel input headphone amp with auxiliary inputs. Hook it up to the auxs in the back of the DM and customize the mix through the auxiliaries.
The only way to do this successfully is to get a multi channel input headphone amp with auxiliary inputs.

A stand alone analog mixer with a headphone output would be another and preferred option. Something like a Mackie that is known to have strong and loud headphone output. Using a separate mixer also provides and lets the talent create their own personal mix from the outputs of the DM as well as providing capability for Eq and adding external effects for just the talent.
Thanks guys. This is the first and only thing that disappointed me on the 4800.
It seem so basic to have but then again this thing is a beast so i'll let it go ;)
Another option is a headphones amp with S/PDIF input (e.g. Aphex headpod4) - I use one of the digital outs from the DM and aux 11/12 for the headphones mix.

fwiw I also do a different monitor mix to the studio speakers on aux 9/10 (when recording MIDI instruments).

The cans outs on the DM have the desk cans permanently attached for large spkr / small spkr / cans compare.
Hey all, My goal is to be able to have control of monitors and headphones separately, rather than what i have at the moment ( signal coming out both Monitors and Headphones mirroring each other on phones 1-2.) From what i gather there is no way around this issue?
if i assign phones to aux 1-2 will this solve my problem? and if it does how exactly would i set this up??
I don't understand why you are defining this as an "issue"! There are 2 separate controls for headphone volume and console monitor volume. Turn the console monitor volume down or build a vocal booth.

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