Hear Any Mixing or Mastering Issues?

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    Dec 2017
    DP-24 Portastudio
    I've finally gotten around to completing some cover songs that I'd tracked over the last few years.
    • Multitracking was done on my 24 track TASCAM DP-24.
    • Mixing was done using Harrison Consoles' Mixbus 6 software.
    • Mastering was done using TC-HELICON's Finalizer software.
    • Target LUFS: -12 dBFS.
    • Target True Peak Level: -1 dBFS.
    • Target Peak to Loudness Ratio: 10 dB.
    • Target average SPL playback : 70-80 dB on consumer headphones & systems
    This project is for family only, so I'm not concerned so much about any performance imperfections that no longer register in my brain. They likely wouldn't hear them either. ;)

    Since my ears aren't as reliable as they once were, I've used both reference headphones and my reference audio system to finish these.

    Therein lies my concern. If I haven't nailed the mixing or mastering, I'd appreciate any technical critiques/suggestions.

    I've posted multiple tracks just in case there's a technical issue that might show up more than once (audio spectrum, imaging, levels, etc.). But no need to work through all the tracks.

    I'll keep these online for a couple of weeks. Thanks for listening.

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