Hearback System Configuration

What kind of headphone system do you have?

Basic method is:
1. Connect your headphone system to DM using ADAT,TDIF,ASN SEND, or whatever.
2. Route AUXes you want to use for headhone mixes (and STEREO, if needed) to these outputs
3. Create your headphone mixes

Details depends on your headphone system and what kind of headphone mixes you want to create:
a. individual mixes
b. main mix + "more of me"
c. something else
It seems Hear Back accepts 8ch ADAT for input, so I'd suggest using 8 buses in the DM to create stems for the musicians to select, and send these to the ADAT outputs individually.
Thx guys for the quick response. Yes, ADAT is clearly the best route and I have made that connection. The issue here is that I've just now made the switch from my old reliable a Digi 002 to the 3200 and I'm still trying to get my head around the routing capabilities of the desk. I've got a lot of work to finish and new tracking sessions coming up and I'm still working on configuration! Yikes.... This is one of the last issues I have to deal with before moving forward.

I've looked for a video tutorial/step by step interface to the DM. Nothing found. Clearly most DM users are well versed enough to figure the routing out for themselves. I'm still not there yet. Any detailed help would be much appreciated.

The hear back system provides the artist with a master stereo mix and up to 6 more individual channels for the Artist(s) to select. I know how that's set up in a Pro Tools session...but I'm unclear on the mechanics of routing thru the DM.

http://www.heartechnologies.com/hookup/ ... nt_daw.pdf

Routing depends on what do you want to send those individual channels. If
1. Artist's mic/instrument: route M/L input to ADAT out using INPUT BYPASS routing
2. Track from PT: route FW input to ADAT out using INPUT BYPASS routing
3. A group of instruments: route BUSS to ADAT out
4. A special monitor mix: route AUX to ADAT out
... etc etc ... almost everything is possible. Your DM is basically a giant digital patch bay.
And if you are in emergency and need to use your PT skills before you can learn your DM: Setup everything in PT as usual and send everything from PT to DM's FireWire interface and use INPUT BYPASS routing to send them to ADAT out.

As you can see. INPUT BYPASS routing gives you an oppurtunity to use your DM as an plain I/O interface just like your old Digi rig ... but more versatile one.

2pasta said:
Clearly most DM users are well versed enough to figure the routing out for themselves.
No they aren't! DM's routing is so versatile (which makes it also very complicated) that it may take months or even years to master.

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