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Jul 29, 2014
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Tascam 2488Neo
Hello everyone,

My name is Joshua Benjamin Power (Singer/Songwriter) and I have been playing the acoustic-guitar off-and-on for nearly a quarter of a century now! I have a Tascam 2488Neo with no technical glitches to speak of...I'm trying to record a couple of songs as demos for fans to listen to; I've recorded a couple of songs without a problem, turned off the mic and guitar inputs afterwards by pressing "Select" and "Input A" (the mic) and "Select" "Input H" (acoustic-electric guitar) and I then switched from "Recording" to "Mixing" from the "Quick Start" Menu and then played with the EQ (testing out the waters) (i.e. according to the manual's specifications) but after I was finished I pressed "Shift" and "EQ" resetting the parameters back to it's original state, I even went from "Mixing" back to "Recording" to add a few more vocals and guitar pick-ups, re-selecting "Input A" and "Input H" to do some re-edits but now there is no guitar audio coming from "Input H" or "Track 2" where I assigned "Input H" to and the input nob isn't raising the guitar sound either...Please help! And nice to meet you all!!
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