Hello from Dortmund, Germany


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Apr 3, 2013
Dortmund, Germany
Hey there,

I'm new to the Forum (in writing). But I'm reading a lot here.

I'm from Germany and I know, that my english is really bad...... ;-)

I'm working in an ad Agency as Sound Engineer / Composer / Recording- / Mixing Engineer. But, also at home I'm infected by the power of music. ;-)

I'm composing Film and Game Soundtracks, mostly with the East West product range, but also with other (Vienna Instruments, Spitfire, etc.) instruments.

I'm here in this forum, becaus I will expand my studio in my cellar this year and wanted to buy a DM 4800. Now, I know, that this will be very difficult, because the production has stopped.

But, the DM 3200 is also a very nice option.... Maybe i will get 2 of them..... But, i have to think over this a little bit more! ;-)

I'm happy to be part of this Forum.

Best Greetings

P.S. Best regards to Captdan, cmaffia, TascMan and Gravity Jim! You helped me very much in my decision to become a part of the Tascam DM family! ;-)
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Welcome! My suggestion is get one DM3200 with the firewire card option, use it and then decide if you need two of them.
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That's a good suggestion... I make music for games and video, too, and have found that "hybrid" mixing (bussing tracks in the computer to single or paired outputs in the DM) makes my 3200 perform like a much, much larger console. Unless you need 24 channels at the same time for tracking, you may find that the 3200 is big enough. Yes, I do sometimes wish mine was a 4800, just because it would look awesome, not because the 3200 has ever been "not enough."

But I don't have room for a 4800. And your English is fine. Thanks for the name check... I'm honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as those guys!
Thanks for the warm welcome! :)

And Thanks for the advice with B&H, but unfortunately it is far too expensive (because of shipping costs (540 $) and import fees (another 500,- $)).

Perhaps I will find a used one in good condition for a reasonable price ....

Best regards

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