Hello. Will surley need help!


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Dec 28, 2012
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MS 16+M600
Hello, I've just acquired a Tascam MS16 and M600 console. Brought them home yesterday. First deli-ma, The guy I purchased them from forgot to include the owners manuals. My purpose for buying them is mainly to restore and just have a little fun.
Already I'm thinking, I'm way over my head on these guys. I have managed to get them out of the truck though! :rolleyes: What beasts they are. I had a Fostex G16S, with a
Fostex E-22, and Fostex 820 board, in the past. They were nothing like these!!
I'm hoping for some help with questions I'm positive I'll be having...no have. I got a good deal on these Tascam units. So far everything works except a light on the M600 channel 4. At least I think everything does. I also got the AQ-65 auto locater and it seems to function. At least it starts and stops this beast!

So that is it for now, Just wanted to say hi, and encourage any responses.

Hey Mate did you ever find a Manual for the m600? The one I pulled from the net is missing some pages.

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